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  • This application will no longer be updated except for major bug fixes.
  • A completely brand new version can be found at
  • The new version improves on a lot of functionality, and performance.
  • This version was built on top of a very rough framework, and a new version from scratch fixes a lot of issues.
  • This website will remain online indefinitely and you can continue to use it as you please.
Known Issues
  • window positions can get weird. resize your browser window or refresh if this happens and it should resolve.
  • pages from aon with multiple entries dont import properly from url. copying and pasting the text into the import window should work however.
  • some armors and weapons will not import their category properly. this is due to aon not providing that data on the entry page.
  • Full open source release
  • Better support for saving window positions
  • Cloud storage compatable release
  • Statblock export
  • Roll20 macro export
  • Importing from
Version 0.9.50 (current)
  • fixed armor and ability adjustment calculations
  • more colors for everything
  • important adjusted numbers show details on hover
  • layout less buggy but no longer saves positions (for now)
  • more ui adjustments
Version 0.9.40
  • experimental dark mode
  • soft palette mode
Version 0.9.35
  • traits editing ui changed
  • spell filters updates
  • character summaries now appear on first load
  • rearranged preloaded activities
  • fixed adjustment bugs in strikes card
  • fixed damage for ranged weapons
  • strike and abilities tabs
  • skill actions and abilities added
  • fixed delete bug for misc spells
  • cosmetic updates
  • importer fixes
Version 0.9.30
  • setting up tabs for preset activities
  • importer improvements
  • strike details in summary
  • more help text in the ? icons of windows
  • popover info text smaller
  • more icons in summary
  • include basic actions in activities window
  • more text can fit in the popover now
  • activities details in summary
  • misc spells are now stored in the character, not the caster class (you may have to redo your misc spells entries because of this change)
  • spontaneous spell boxes reveal relevant spells
Version 0.9.20
  • some weapons and armors import their categories
  • strikes and activities summary still wip
  • strikes have some more fields
  • strikes can have their own proficiency
  • advanced weapon prof removed
  • formulas tab
  • new formulas window!
Version 0.9.10
  • fixed a bug that was only saving the last character
  • strikes now have a throw checkbox
  • added summary tabs
  • strikes and activities tabs are WIP!
  • tuned up familiar info
  • strikes are now more customizable
  • fixed some import stuff and added more hints
  • gonna keep track of big updates here
  • the source will be available soon here
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